Food and Nutrition Matters!


One-on-One Personal Nutrition Counseling
Our registered Dietitian will review your medical history and customize a program for your specific needs. Learn how to fuel your body for fitness or assess and nutritionally manage your medical condition. Your session includes an initial nutrition assessment, review of medical records, and an individualized meal plan with a food label review. All of this is conducted in a client-centered, direct method for enhancing intrinsic motivation, to change behavior by exploring and resolving ambivalence.
Nutrition Consultation Pricing:
– Individual: $80 for Members / $95 for non-Members
Types of One-on-One offered:

Weight Management:
Develop a plan for weight loss or weight gain to meet your individual needs. Includes individualized calorie needs assessment and goal setting.

Medical Nutrition Therapy:
Make the nutritional difference in managing your medical condition. Learn what the Medical Nutrition Therapy is for the following conditions: Obesity, Osteoporosis, Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol), Diabetes, Cardiovascular (heart) Disease, Renal (kidney) Disease, GERD (acid reflux) and other chronic conditions.

Sports Nutrition:
Learn how to gain the nutritional competitive edge; Proper foods, timing, fluid management, how to build muscle, etc.

Group Nutrition Classes

Gather your fellow members together and request a topic of your choice! Get the answers in a group setting! Topics may include basic nutrition, food labels, mini meals, grocery shopping, nutrition and activity, bone health, antioxidants, weight management, or suggest a topic of your own.
Nutrition Consultation Pricing:
– Group rate: $150

For more information regarding this and other personal fitness opportunities, please contact a Wellness Coach at 770.297.9622